Visuals Up North: a dynamic urban photography brand seamlessly blending modern aesthetics. 
From purposeful storytelling to empowering aspiring models, building young professionals, and creating compelling group headshots, we specialize in conceptual portraits that capture the essence of individuality. With reliability, professionalism, and cultural awareness, we are the go-to destination for Urban, Lifestyle, & Brand Building Portraits.
2020: Inception and Creative Exploration
In 2020, Visuals Up North came into existence, aligning its inception with the challenging onset of the pandemic. The initial framework of the business took shape later in the year, with the first concept put into action, laying the foundational elements for what was to come. A significant creative departure marked this year with the introduction of "After Dark," bringing forth a darker aesthetic that not only challenged traditional urban-style shoots but also opened new creative opportunities for the business.
2020-2021 Transition: Growth and Connection
As 2020 drew to a close and 2021 commenced, Visuals Up North experienced a period of growth and connection. New concepts emerged, and the business expanded its network, leading to the initiation of freelancing endeavors centered around theme-oriented sessions. This transitional phase set the stage for a more diversified and collaborative approach in the following years.
2022: Diversification and Innovation
The year 2022 unfolded as a monumental period for Visuals Up North. New projects were realized, exploring diverse facets beyond conventional sessions. Midway through the year, the conceptualization of current visual concepts took place, solidifying the creative identity of the brand. Innovation became a focal point with the introduction of a novel posing system towards the end of 2022. This system aimed not only to support new models but also to assist less-experienced photographers, showcasing the business's commitment to inclusivity and skill development.
2022: Monumental Achievements
The accomplishments of 2022 were monumental for Visuals Up North. A plethora of sessions, featuring both familiar and new faces, contributed to the rich and diversified visual appeal of the brand. The success of this year laid a strong foundation for the continued growth and evolution of Visuals Up North in the years to come.
2023: Strategic Refinement, Specialization, and Posing Advancements
Entering 2023, Visuals Up North embraced a strategic shift toward a quality-focused approach over quantity. Recognizing the benefits of focusing on fewer projects, the decision was made to provide clarity for the business's direction. The commitment to advancing the posing development persisted, with the goal of building up new models and subjects from a beginner's skill set to an adept learner, eventually reaching an advanced level.
By the close of 2023, the posing system had evolved to fulfill its intended purpose. It was meticulously designed to create and refine poses specifically tailored to support individuals unfamiliar with posing. This innovative system aimed to guide subjects through a developmental journey, helping them grow from novices to skilled practitioners. The success of the posing system construct was so impactful that it led to the establishment of the "Posing Development" Program for Visuals Up North. This program stands as a testament to the commitment of the business to nurture and enhance the skills of its models, contributing to the overall elevation of the photography experience.
Ongoing in 2023: Tailoring Experiences and Continued Innovation
In the ongoing year, Visuals Up North continues to cultivate its freelancing aspects, offering individuals the opportunity to tailor their sessions according to their preferences. The emphasis on a quality-focused approach and the finalized posing system remain central to the business's mission. As the brand navigates 2023, a commitment to innovation and creativity persists, ensuring that Visuals Up North remains at the forefront of the visual arts landscape.
Meet the Photographer
Embark on a visual journey with Anthony Zachariah, the creative force behind Visuals Up North. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Anthony weaves his Lebanese heritage and a diverse background in Hospitality and Broadcasting into a unique tapestry of urban photography.
Within the dynamic pulse of city life, Anthony captures more than just images; he crafts narratives. His transition from hospitality to broadcasting has honed his understanding of people and storytelling, breathing life into each photograph. Urban city-core vibes and a love for the retro aesthetic converge in his work, creating a visual experience that is both nostalgic and contemporary.
As a devoted coffee enthusiast with a penchant for Middle Eastern vibes, Anthony's lens captures not just scenes but emotions. The sensory nuances of his photography extend beyond the visual realm, creating an immersive experience for his audience. Each image is a moment, frozen in time, waiting to be explored.
Visuals Up North is a celebration of Anthony's passions and the things that bring him joy. From urban landscapes to vintage aesthetics, every photograph is a reflection of the world through his lens. Step into the portfolio, and you'll find a collection of moments that transcend the ordinary, inviting you to see the world as Anthony sees it.
Step into the Visuals Up North portfolio and discover a collection where joy radiates from every frame. Welcome to a world where photography is not just an art form but a journey of discovery.